The Harvest Field: Your Sacred Dreams

There is a sacred dream within you that’s calling you to greatness, driving you toward excellence. It fills your heart with vitality and vigor. It asks you to become focused and bold and available. Looking at it from a qualitative standpoint, the bigger your sacred dream, the closer you are to Reality. When you have a magnificent dream steeped in the possibility of what you’re becoming, you get closer to touching Reality because the energetic substance of the dream already is timeless, dimensionless. It’s infinite and eternal.

When your dream is small, it’s easy to get snagged in illusion. Small dreams are inherited from the society in which you were born. They are most often dreams of survival, materialism and consumerism. This is an extremely limited form of expression. Oftentimes people have been sucked down by the undertow of the human experiential domain and are unaware that they’re living in a very small dream. “I’m just trying to make it. I’ll be happy if I can just get by. I just need a few more dollars to help me get over. I just want to make some money…”


Moving from Artifacts to Facts of Art

True living means embracing the evolutionary impulse that’s lodged within our very soul. This impulse activates our forever unfolding potential so that every single day of our lives we can discover something new about ourselves and set it free. Our potential is not allowed to lay dormant, but is embraced in such a way that we get to experience bliss. We discover that ecstasy comes to us not through the acquisition of things or status, but through the activation of our limitless possibility.

The world, on the other hand, asks us to be mediocre, or to go just an inch above mediocrity. But if we live by this measure we’ll never know the experience of being truly alive. Therefore, we must up-level our social contract. What do I mean by that? (more…)

Michael Beckwith Featured on Cover of LA Yoga Magazine!


Michael Beckwith has been featured in the December issue of LA Yoga Magazine!

The featured article is “Praying for a Life Vision: Sitting Down With Reverend Michael Beckwith,” with a great interview!

We’re all wondering what is meant by the current turn of calendar events, so we had a chat with the teacher many in LA view as a significant mentor to learn how to set intentions, make plans, and even pray.

LA YOGA: What do you feel is the significance of the end of the Mayan calendar and the 2012 Solstice?

MBB:  You know, it’s interesting how every so many years a prophetic statement ignites the collective human interest and socio-cultural-spiritual strata offer up interpretations. Technology and the news media had their heyday with Y2K and the world prepared for chaos. Now the religious, spiritual, and scientific pundits are preparing us for differing possible outcomes for December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar and Winter solstice. (more…)